Sell Your House

Want to sell your house? We are always looking for new properties to add to our portfolio. If your house doesn't quite work for us we have investors lined up and waiting to purchase your home fast for CASH. Listing your house with an agent is a good idea usually, but in these current market conditions you are competing against all those foreclosures and short sales. Then you have to pay a commission. We can help you sell your house fast with no commission. Just call me for more info. 

We are also looking for private lending sources to help fund these deals. Banks aren't lending like they used to. So put your money up to cover a deal and get a great return of 6-10%.  Stocks can disappear overnight. Put your money into a real investment that you can put your hands on. Did you know you can use money from your IRA to invest in real estate, gold, or other assets? Call us now for more information. 

You can also join our turn key investment program. We will locate a property for you, oversea the renovation, and either place a tenant for long term cash flow or help you sell for quick cash.