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Property Management for Investors by an Investor

Benefits for Rental Property Owners

East Side Property Management will manage your single unit rental, multi-unit rental, apartment complex, and commercial properties. We also offer foreclosure property management. We specialize in property management in the neighborhoods of Patterson Par, Canton, Fells Point, Federal Hill, and Charles Village, but we can manage your property anywhere in the greater Baltimore area.

East Side Property Management is a full service property management company. Tired of getting the late night calls, going to court, and showing the property? We handle all the headaches for you and then send you the check. For a very small fee it is worth every penny. Many investors get tired of all the problems and give up and sell out. The long term growth potential of holding on to your property is where your thoughts should lie. Your tenants pay your mortgage for you. By using a professional property manager to handle your investment you reap all the benefits without plunging toilets. Don't trust you valued investment to just anyone.

Can't sell your house for what it is worth? Rent it out until the market gets back on track. 

Have trouble finding quality tenants? We find them for you. We check credit, criminal, and eviction history to minimize risk.

Have trouble finding quality contractors to do repairs? We have relationships with top companies which know they will get repeat business from us if they provide us with quality work at a fair price.

Did you know...

  • That if you don't notify your tenants of their rights regarding their security deposit that they can sue you for 3 times the amount of the deposit? Don't make a costly mistake. One bad tenant or oversight could cost you thousands. Maryland law favors the tenants greatly. You have to protect yourself before they move in.
  • The Lead Paint regulations get tougher every year? We know how to handle it.
  • That if you live outside of Baltimore City, but own a rental property in the city when you register your property as a rental unit you need an authorized agent with a city address? We can be this agent for you.
  • That if you don't have a current lead certificate and register your property as a rental unit then you can not go to court for an eviction?
  • Effective March 1, 2010 in Baltimore City and October 1, 2010 in Baltimore County a Carbon Monoxide alarm must be installed outside of sleeping areas?

Are you currently using another management company? Tired of their excuses? We treat your property like it is our own because we are investors too. Would you hire someone to fix your computer who didn't own their own computer? Then why hire a manager who doesn't own their own investment properties?

Let the professionals who deal with this every day take care of it for you. All you have to do is cash the checks.

Contact us now for a no pressure discussion about our services.

Why should I use a property management company?
Renting in Maryland is complex. The rules and regulations are extensive. If you make a small innocent mistake it can cost you thousands. It's not worth the risk to save a few bucks. 

How much does it cost me to use a professional property manager? 

     Most management companies charge between 8-10% of the gross rent amount. Shop around but realize there are other fees in addition to the base management fee. This is where most managers get you. Interview several managers and find out all the fees they charge.

What extra fees are typically charged?
Almost every manager will charge a fee for finding a new tenant. These fees range from 25-100% of the first months rent. Some other managers charge fees for renewing leases, vacancy fees, after hours repair requests, and many more. We do not.

Are management fees tax deductible?
Yes, management fees and many other expenses related to the rental property are usually tax deductible. Consult with your tax professional as always. These matters are complex. However, the benefits of the tax deductions are wonderful.

How much does East Side Property Management charge?
Currently our rates are 8% - 10% of the gross rent for monthly management, and 25% to locate a new tenant. There are NO extra fees charged by us. Repairs and other expenses related to upkeep of the property are charged at the actual cost when they occur.

Why should I choose East Side Property Management?
No extra add on fees. We're here to serve you and the tenants after 5 and on the weekends. We are local and know the rules and regulations. We have the experience needed to make your property profitable. We are investors too, so we know first hand what it is like to own an investment property. Ask other managers how many properties they own. Simply we manage better, and stay on top of your investment.